Limited Lifetime and Limited One Year Warranty

Warranty Coverage

The Limited Lifetime Warranty is provided by the manufacturer on drawer guides and hinges. Only the original purchasing customer can claim the warranty and it is provided to ensure that drawer guides and hinges will remain free of any defects arising due to material or workmanship when used normally.

RTA Online Store also provides Limited One Year Warranty for Cabinets. The original purchasing customer can avail this warranty provided by the manufacturer with one year, starting from the date of purchase or as long as the customer stays in the same home. The warranty covers any defects that arise due to material or workmanship, when used normally.

Warranty Exclusions

This is the complete and exclusive warranty policy provided by RTA Online Store as per mandated by the law and is offered by the company for all other statutory and/or express warranties. What is written here is final and there are no other warranty policy in effect. It is important to note that RTA Online Store will not bear the responsibility for any consequential or incidental costs, damages or expenses.

(Where states do not permit exclusions or limitations related to consequential or incidental damages, the state laws will prevail and the exclusions mentioned here will not apply to the customers. We provide you specific legal rights which may change from one state to another.)

Warranty Limitations

Coverage for defects and problems arising from wrong installation of cabinets, drawer guides, cabinetwork or hinges is not provided by the company.

Coverage is not provided for product usage or installation in relation with cabinets. For instance, plumbing fixtures, gas & electric appliances, or countertops.

The policy does not cover damages caused due to storage, transportation, neglect, accident, or mishandling.

Warranty Disclaimers

  • Customers cannot transfer the warranty.
  • Natural properties of wood including change in color, grain or others are not counted as defects.
  • Excessive exposure to sun light or water may also change the wood color or its texture and thus are not considered as defects.

Warranty Performance

Within the terms and conditions of this warranty, if a manufacture defect does appear that the company will be responsible for repairing or replacing it. RTA Online Store will not pay transportation and labor charges for replacing, repairing or installing defected products.