Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


For every order placed within 100 miles from our location we will charge 3% as delivery charges with minimum amount being $65. However, for on-site deliveries, which are subject to approval, we charge around $175.

Note: These are estimated prices and delivery charges may vary based on your order.

Discount on Unassembled Cabinets

If you want unassembled cabinets, then you automatically qualify for 7% discount.

Return Policy

At RTA Online Store, we don’t accept exchanges or returns on assembled cabinets. However, you can return unassembled cabinets with advance authorization and a restocking fee i.e. 25% of the total order. Bear in mind that the unassembled cabinets must be in their original packing.

Terms and Conditions Of Sale

  • We reserve the right to change prices of any product without prior notice.
  • Customers must confirm and acknowledge their orders, otherwise they will be considered invalid.
  • For inventory shortage, RTA Online Store will not take any responsibility.
  • Keeping the best interest of the company in view and with management’s discretion, we can terminate the account of any customer. We will accept no responsibility for orders that are placed after the termination of account. However, in case we terminate an account, the customer shall be notified either verbally or in writing.
  • Until and unless the company receives satisfactory payment, the product shall remain the property of the company. If you get a defected product, then our responsibility will be limited to replace that defect or the entire product. RTA Online Store places responsibility on the customer to verify if the product is useable and as per specification before moving on with installation process. The company may charge additional labor cost or any other cost for fixing the defected product. In case, during the process of fixing defects, if any nearby products get damaged, then the company will not be responsible to fix it.
  • After order confirmation by the customers, any cancellation or change in the order will be subject to RTA Online Store’s returns policy. If a customer failed to collect the order or refuse to accept it then the company will charge $20 per day as storage cost for a month before disposing it off after the period. Bear in mind that the customer will be liable for the cost incurred.
  • If you place an order and confirm it, then it will be considered your agreement with the terms and conditions of RTA Online Store. These terms and conditions of sales will be supersede any other previous agreement or sales.
  • The company reserves the right to change payment terms of any customer subject to approval from management and keeping in view the best interest of the company. The company also reserves the right to hold any or all fully paid orders, in case when the customer has not paid fully for other orders. The company will hold all the fully paid orders until the customer clears payment for other orders.