Free Kitchen Design

Free Kitchen Design

Here’s how to get a free 3D kitchen design that works for you

Measure the space

First of all, measure the space you have allocated for your kitchen.

Realistic photo design

When your request for free kitchen design is received, one of our designers will call you to learn about your idea of a perfect kitchen. After understanding your requirements, our designer will send you a 3D close to real photo design of your kitchen, so that you can review and approve it.

Itemized list

Once you approve the design, you will receive an itemized list of cabinet that will include the cost of the cabinets and you simply have to place the order for your dream kitchen.

How to measure your space?

  • Always use a pencil
  • Only measure in inches
  • Document with dimensions all utilities and fixtures
  • Document with dimensions all electrical switches or outlets
  • Highlight the height of ceiling and any transitions, soffits, and/or ventilation points
  • Document where the size and location of every kitchen appliance
  • Explain where doors should move and into what rooms
  • Document any obstructions in the kitchen including breaks in walls
  • Don’t forget to add size and location of doors and windows

Get started with your kitchen design

Provide us all the measurement information as well as actual pictures so that our designers can act upon your requirements to give you the kitchen you want.