Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike the conventional FAQ responses, where the language is all too robotic we would like to give our customers something personal. If you want to ask any question regarding any product or service, feel free to write us at info@rtaonlinestore.com

Here’s a list of questions we think will help you make the purchase decision.

Why should I choose RTA Online Store?

QUALITY and PRICE. These are the two most basic things people consider before making a purchase decision and we assure you that we provide the best quality in competitive price.

Where do you deliver?

We don’t believe in putting boundaries on your dream, yet we have to be realistic. Currently, we deliver across the United States and to some other international locations. Certainly, customers will have to bear the shipping cost, but isn’t it better to get what you want from RTA Online Store than to compromise on your dream.

How do you construct kitchen cabinets?

We don’t use practical board anywhere if that’s what you are wondering. We use solid maple wood in construction of our cabinets.

How much do I have to wait before receiving my order?

In an ideal condition, the average delivery time is 3 to 5 working days. Sometimes it may take longer and if that happens we will inform you.

What is the standard for cabinet overlayRTA Online Store follows?

Full overlay is the standard we follow in our kitchen cabinets.

Do I really need a scribe molding?

Yes is the answer to this question, because it provides a finish look to the cabinet’s appearance.

What if I want to place order for a large development project?

If you want cabinets for a large development project, you need to request the quotes by sending us an email at sales@rtaonlinestore.com. Since we are a wholesale supplier and distributor of RTA kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, we offer more discount and customization, if you place a large order.

Can I see a catalog of your products?

Yes! Most of our products are available on the website and a printed catalog is available with every distributor. However, if you want an online version of our catalog drop an email at support@rtaonlinestore.com.

What is covered in product warranty?

RTA Online Store offers one-year manufacturing defect warranty, which covers parts only. The warranty does not cover damage caused by any third party. The customer is responsible for supplying us with photographic evidence of the damage. In some cases, we may ask you to send us the defected product at your expense, until your claim is validated and approved.

How can I become a dealer?

The process of becoming a dealer is simple. You’ve click on the “Become a Dealer” button from the top menu bar, provide all the information and wait for a call from our representative. After reviewing your details, one of our representatives will call you to schedule an appointment of a meeting.